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Brandy wrote:
Based on what I've seen in the episodes, it sounded like she had somewhat of a bond with her family, but the series doesn't go into enough detail to really tell. Whiskers basically destroyed anything that would help with determining Brandy's old life. One clue is in "Pedigree Schmedigree", it turns out she's actually adopted. That's basically the only hint we get. Since in the first season, she was determined to get home, I would have to say that she did enjoy her old life.

i think she was very pampered b4 she fell into the jungle. but she met whiskers and became friends with him. yes he could be somewhat of a pain but he was the only friend who was there for her. she could of left multiple times like in "one of a kind" she wanted to bring whiskers but tiffany left without them cuz whiskers is a dork.
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The first episode of the series clearly shows that she comes from a rich family and is pampered.
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